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This policy covers all material on the following websites: www.klaxworks.com, www.klaxalteria.com, www.klax.observer

KlaxWorks is a digital narrative entertainment company. These websites exist solely to host our ambulatory audio theatre shows. We do not engage in advertising in any way.
We collect your name and your email address, for the primary purpose of allowing you access to protected areas of the websites, where the content resides. KlaxWorks is the Data Controller for this information.
KlaxWorks takes security seriously. Our websites use industry standard SSL encryption throughout. Password are stored as hashes in an encrypted database. The only persons with access to this database are the site admins, for purposes of technical support.
We use cookies in two ways. First, if the website in question is password protected, the password program places a cookie called "PHPSESHID" on your device which permits you access to the content for the duration of your session. This cookie contains no personal information, and disappears when the browser tab is closed.
And secondly, we ask your permission to use Google Anylitics, in order to track how people are progressing through the shows. We use Google Analytics for aggregated, anonymized website traffic analysis. Google Analytics is the Data Processor for this data. In order to track your session usage, Google drops a cookie (_ga) with a randomly-generated ClientID in your browser. This ID is anonymized and contains no identifiable information like email, phone number, name, etc. We also send Google your a partial IP Address, with the last part anonymized. We use GA to track aggregated website behavior, such as what pages you looked at, for how long, and so on. This information is important to us for improving the user experience and determining site effectiveness. GA data is retained for 14 months. If you would like to access what browsing information we have - or ask us to delete any GA data - please delete your _ga cookies, reach out to us at info@klaxworks.com, and/or install the Google Analytics Opt-Out Browser Add-On.
Any email communication you have with us will be treated in the utmost of confidentially. We will never forward-on correspondence without your prior permission. Neither will we share your details or add your details to other mailing lists without your prior consent. We will never ask you for personal or confidential details in emails, like credit card details.
In the event that a data breach is suspected or occurs, we will take immediate access to mitigate risks (such as closing parts of the website down or reseting passwords). Either ourselves or a third party (like a festival presenter or ticketing company) will attempt to contact you to provide information and advice.
If you have any questions about how we safeguard your privacy or wish to formally submit a 'right to be forgotten' request, please contact us at info@klaxworks.com
Collecting only the data needed to allow access; transparent about user data usage; user data stored in encrypted database; option provided to remove user data; 14-month retention; require user Opt-In for Google Analytics (GA) usage; we are transparent about GA usage purposes; IP anonymization for GA, option provided to remove GA cookie.
UK Data Protection Act 2018:
Data used fairly, lawfully & transparently; used for specified, limited purposes, retained for a limited time; data handled with appropriate security.
We are exempt from CCPA regulation as a business with revenue less than $25M, with an audience base of less than 50,000 in the state of California.
We are exempt from CDPA regulation as a business with with an audience base of less than 25,000 in the state of Virginia.

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Privacy Policy modified February 6, 2022